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o eugenie pentru gandurile tale

February 13, 2012

dragul meu,


am iesit atat de entuziasmata din cladirea aia cu geamuri mari si programari stricte
era luna atat de plina si de galbena
si aerul atat de rece
incat imi crapa capul
de fericire ca vin spre tine
sa te iau pe sus
la o romantica
si inedita
cu metroul,
apoi cu ratb-ul
as fi luat ceva bun
ca sa sarbatorim momentul
o praji
niste fructe

macar o portocala

sau macar o eugenie

dar m-am uitat (lung) in portofel(ul gol)

si m-am adus pe mine


sfarsit de lume

August 3, 2011

De aceea ma întorc mereu

în atâtea locuri de departe

să mă’ntâlnesc cu mine însumi

şi să mă caut neîncetat,

singurul martor mi”este luna

şi-apoi să fluier bucuors

călcând pe bolovani şi pietre,

sarcina mea e să exist

toată familia mea e drumul.

Pablo Neruda

Sfârşit de lume (Vântul)

motto Isabel Allende/ Portret în sepia

fisherman’s wife short tales – tale of the lake

May 31, 2011

after they moved up north, the fisherman and his wife, right next to the border, they finally found what we were looking for all along:

new life, new peace, new challenges and a big lake full with fish.

but the lake was not for fishing as they and she discovered, it was for different purposes. the fisherman’s wife soon learned that the lake was an animal with a life of it’s own. a totem. every other night when she ran by it, with her fisherman aside,  she could feel the entire lake pouring in her mind and her mind pouring into the lake. that was right, that was no lake for fishing fish. ‘t was a lake to fish for thoughts, peace of mind and clear breath. she knew that the fisherman had some kind of spell that he made everything happen.

the world as she knew it changed completely.

new found land

April 6, 2011

here, soon, will be a post about the new land, the promised land, up north, close to the border.

…and maybe some pics.

mi’ar placea

January 4, 2011

mi’ar plăcea sa fiu ceasul care te ţine de încheietură,

de mâna ta aia perfectă,

sau paharul pe care îl duci la buze,

buzele tale alea perfecte,

sau mai bine vinul pe care îl sorbi cu atâta poftă,

dar cel mai mult îmi place să fiu eu,

şi să adorm în fiecare seară,

în îmbrăţişarea ta perfectă

je suis malade

October 20, 2010

je suis obsédé: nu mă pot concentra pe altceva, nici nu’mi doresc…îhîmm!

j’ai hypertension: te  simt de departe, am un super’radar care incepe să zbată ca nebunu’ în piept, în urechi, în tâmple, pe măsură ce te apropii

i ont la fièvre: ….

je suis hiper: de la cioco şi de la vin, mai am ninţel şi mă sui pi capu’ tău, unde o să încep să merg&ţopăi în mâini, o să’mi iau avânt ş’o să mă arunc cu limba pe obrazul tău drept, până la buze, unde mă voi topi ca să mă sorbi dintr’un sărut

je suis en délire: ăăăăăăă, deci da, e posibil.


September 22, 2010

my dear,

thank you for your offlines. i usually don’t initiate conversation because i don’t get the chance, u’re offline most of the time and when u’re online, i’m sometimes missing and usually not paying attention to the list, so i gladly count on ur eagerness to talk to me.

i’ve been wanting to write u email, but i get inspired only  when i wash my teeth or my feet and by the time i finish (those being activities that i particularly like) i forget how i started.  i remember the next time i wash my teeth. so whenever I am in front of computer i want to start an email, i really do, but i get carried away, because of internet.. u know :D

so right now I need to go and wash up so i figured i should write before actually getting into the shower so u don’t think i forget, cause i would have. i couldn’t forget about u ever (i tried to, i did), so that is something we don’t worry about. just that the more i think the more i get confused, the more confused i get the more i tell myself i need to think about it. i do. i’m (unsuccessfully) trying to wash it off. i am confused because of you being so consistent about this this time and u don’t know the half of it, i mean what tsunami u summon when u act like that and i don’t exactly know either, but i have this advantage on you of being me.

so i’ve seen this nordic (i think) movie once, about a strange couple (they kept running into each other) and someone said at a certain point that men and women react differently to love: men expect to be surprised and women..well they love based on a decision… that stick with me because I thought is silly and very untrue, women want to be devoured (if possible) by surprise (happy ones), but here I am trying to decide if i should let myself fall again for you or not.. last time the mess i made disabled me for other human contact.

and what scares me most is that after years of classifying ‘us’ as a circumstantial craziness here u come…shaking me off my wits.

i’ll say bye for now,  is too late and i really need to go do the washing ritual. i’ll be persistently  trying not to think of u while persistently brushing my teeth.