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September 22, 2010

my dear,

thank you for your offlines. i usually don’t initiate conversation because i don’t get the chance, u’re offline most of the time and when u’re online, i’m sometimes missing and usually not paying attention to the list, so i gladly count on ur eagerness to talk to me.

i’ve been wanting to write u email, but i get inspired only  when i wash my teeth or my feet and by the time i finish (those being activities that i particularly like) i forget how i started.  i remember the next time i wash my teeth. so whenever I am in front of computer i want to start an email, i really do, but i get carried away, because of internet.. u know :D

so right now I need to go and wash up so i figured i should write before actually getting into the shower so u don’t think i forget, cause i would have. i couldn’t forget about u ever (i tried to, i did), so that is something we don’t worry about. just that the more i think the more i get confused, the more confused i get the more i tell myself i need to think about it. i do. i’m (unsuccessfully) trying to wash it off. i am confused because of you being so consistent about this this time and u don’t know the half of it, i mean what tsunami u summon when u act like that and i don’t exactly know either, but i have this advantage on you of being me.

so i’ve seen this nordic (i think) movie once, about a strange couple (they kept running into each other) and someone said at a certain point that men and women react differently to love: men expect to be surprised and women..well they love based on a decision… that stick with me because I thought is silly and very untrue, women want to be devoured (if possible) by surprise (happy ones), but here I am trying to decide if i should let myself fall again for you or not.. last time the mess i made disabled me for other human contact.

and what scares me most is that after years of classifying ‘us’ as a circumstantial craziness here u come…shaking me off my wits.

i’ll say bye for now,  is too late and i really need to go do the washing ritual. i’ll be persistently  trying not to think of u while persistently brushing my teeth.

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  1. September 23, 2010 1:04 am

    buna draguta ,

    Inteleg de unde vine treaba asta cu inspiratia si-ti foarte multumesc … de faza cu faptul ca te poarta internetul departe de mail-ul pentru mine , ca sa nu mai zic de cea cu spalatul pe dinti sau pe picioare asa ca iti sugerez pentru ceva vreme sa muti biroul sau laptop-ul macar in baie , preferabil in cada (doar sa nu uiti de el si sa dai drumul la apa ) si daca tot faci asta incearca sa scrii mail-ul fara internet (offline) pentru ca ajuta la concentrare .

    Acum s-o luam cu inceputul si sa-ti spun ca nu inteleg la ce te gandesti cand spui ca te gandesti (pentru ca chiar te gandesti chiar daca eu as putea avea alta parere ) la mine chiar daca ai incercat si se pare ca nu prea tia reusit .Am impresia ca tu te gandesti sa-mi scrii si devi confuza ,iar cand esti confuza obisnuiesti sa te duci sa te speli pe dinti si picioare ca sa iti pui ideile in ordine si abia atunci sa-ti aduci aminte ca defapt eu nu sunt tu … ceea ce te face sa te gandesti ca poti deveni confuza … despre cum va arata acest mail din moment ce in prima faza doreai sa scrii despre altceva …

    Ma gandesc ca , avand in vedere si luand in considerare faptul ca ai vizionat si ti-a placut chiar daca nu ai fost cu totul de acord dar ai tras ceva invataminte din acel film … starea de confuzie persista si te face sa te gandesti cum ar fi daca ai fi surprinsa de un act de iubire si tu te-ai lasa prada emotiei contrar cu ideea filmului despre care tocmai ai spus ca nu coincide cu ce gandesti tu ca reactie a femeilor la dragoste … si asta te face confuza .

    In final voi vizualiza cate putin din incercarea de sustragere a ta catre activitatile preferate , inca confuza si ganditoare dar relaxata pentru ca ai reusit sa arunci pisica in gradina mea , trebuind ca eu acum sa “deal with it somehow ” pentru ca eu tot incerc sa-ti scriu si tu nu-mi raspunzi fiind ocupata sa te gandesti ,sa fi confuza si sa-ti tabieturile care chiar iti fac placere , iar tu vei incerca sa nu te mai gandesti la mine insistent in timp ce persisti in a te spala pe dinti …

    Al tau ,

    PS. Acesta este un pamflet si va trebui considerat ca atare :)

    • September 23, 2010 10:41 am

      dear fictional pamfletar dear,

      thank u for confusing my confusion, i appreciate u picking up a voice and time to thoroughly reply. i really do. ‘m trying to reason and (artificially) wash my way out of confusion, not throwing ‘dead cats/ rats/ hats’, nope sir, not me…i likes cats..than hunt rats..and wear hats :).


      ps. acesta nu este un pamflet, doar fictiune si trebuie tratat in consecinta :)

  2. Drakul the Night Child permalink
    September 28, 2010 9:46 am

    : ) Ei spun că durează un minut pentru a observa o persoană deosebită, o oră pentru a le aprecia, o zi sa le iubesc, dar avem nevoie de apoi o viaţă întreagă pentru a uita.

  3. September 28, 2010 3:27 pm

    ahaa! u’ve turned to the dark side Night Child, for the fortune cookies I see ;-)

  4. November 9, 2010 6:18 pm

    well… you are right about women.

    • November 9, 2010 8:45 pm

      well…is not women’kind who is obscure to my understanding :)

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